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Respect In Sports Training Deadline is Soon!

Greeting Scouters,
This is a gentle reminder that the Respect in Sport Training MUST be completed by August 31, 2017. This applies to all Scouting Volunteers. If it is not showing on your training by this date your will not be renewed for the upcoming Scouting year. The training can be accessed via the David Huestis Learning Centre on your MyScouts profile. See attached for FAQs on the training as well as accessing it. I would highly recommend that you make plans to complete this requirement as soon as possible.
Click -HERE- for FAQ sheet
Yours in Scouting!

2017 CEC Elections - Results

In accordance with Section 1014 of BP&P, Central Escarpment Council, Scouts Canada has to elect three (3) voting representatives for the Scouts Canada Annual Meeting; two (2) Voting Members at Large and one (1) Youth Voting Member.

In the event that the Deputy Elections Officer does not receive three or more valid nominations, at least one of which is for a youth, for the available positions, the Deputy Elections Officer shall inform the Chief Elections Officer that a vacancy exists for the position for which insufficient valid nominations have been received.

Upon being informed that a vacancy exists, and if he or she is satisfied that the notice of election provisions of this Policy have been complied with, the Chief Elections Officer shall appoint the following to fill the vacancies

  • Council Youth Commissioner (Deanna Di Vitto)
  • Council Commissioner (David Frederick)
  • The position shall remain vacant until the following year’s election.

For more information, please contact your Deputy Elections Officer or the Scouts Canada Chief Elections Officer Chris Pike This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Central Escarpment Council, the Deputy Elections Officer is David Wiebe and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Respect Training - Sheldon Kennedy Message

Following Sheldon Kennedy’s presentation this spring, a number of scouters asked if he would be willing to participate in filming a short video that included a number of key messages from his talk as well as the underlying rationale for completing the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders training.  Here is a link to that video with you – it was posted today: http://www.scoutinglife.ca/video/respect-sport-activity-leaders-training-helping-promote-safety-aspects-life/.  

Gone Home – Bill Rice

We are saddened with the news today that Bill Rice, from Burlington Area, passed away this morning. A 35 year volunteer with Scouts Canada who was recently honoured with the Bar to the Silver Acorn and the Award of Fortitude for his battle with Cancer. Bill was a strong supporter and volunteer with The Canadian Blood Services and with Movember were Bill had raised over $30,000.00 to help with Men’s health issues.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Bill’s family.

Gone Home far to soon.


Deanna DeVito – Central Escarpment Council Youth Commissioner
David Frederick – Central Escarpment Council Commissioner
Ian Foss- Executive Director Scouts Canada

Appointment Announcement - DCC Communications

I would like to announce the appointment of Ken Broad as Central Escarpment Council’s Deputy Council Commissioner for Communications.

Ken has been involved with Scouting since 2003, with his first role being a Beaver Scouter in Brampton. He has worked with all sections since then, as well as serving on both the old Brampton Area and current Yellow Briar service teams holding various roles with including webmaster, social media and communications. Most recently he was appointed the Central Escarpment Council Social Media Advisor.

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Appointment Announcement - North Waterloo Area Commissioner

We would like to take time to thank Shawn Frederick for his commitment to Scouts Canada as the Area Commissioner for North Waterloo these past four years. His hard work and his strong leadership as placed North Waterloo on a strong footing for attaining the goals for Scouts Canada’s five priorities.

In saying thank you to Shawn we are  also  saying welcome to Harry Niezen who has volunteered to be acting Interim Area Commissioner for North Waterloo. We are  confident in Harry’s leadership for the Area and we would ask you all to support him in his role. In accepting the role harry has outlined his priorities for the Area. We look forward to the future in North Waterloo.

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